Preee 3.65 DC 20110420

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Preee 3.65 DC 20110420 | 11.68 Mb

It's a selfecoded application that we in paradox have coded .It's not only an autotrader but also dupechecker, rls-search, rls-fxp ftp-gui, news-checker, update-checker, irc-client, pre-engine, spread-engine .

changes since last public release

- fix: speed-stats of deleted sites didn't get deleted in ini
- new: improved some plugins
- fix: possible fxp loop
- new: improved release extraction
- fix: auto request filling
- fix: new section scanning can really be disabled now
- fix: no more day-dir-creation on site change
- new: some improved templates
- fix: minor bug in fxp engine
- new: sortable ftp browser queue
- fix: minor bug from previous build
- new: release packer will check for mp3 release rules v3.0 and warn if not OK. Since they get official at 2011-04-15, you can ignore the warning till then
- new: imdb language results with (only a few words) get removed
- new: better dupe results where cut stuff gets cleared
- new: better dupe =sec filter
- new: siterule export will now ask if linked templates should be inserted
- new: improved skiplangauge template
- new: ability to ask none pree related bots for dupe results Preee will execute a custom trigger in a set channel whenever you do a dupecheck. Make sure you have the "extract releases" turned on for that channel
- fix: minor bugs in ftp browser
- fix: show pre releases in gui for a selected site
- fix: minor DELE fix on size diifer on ftp2/glftpd
- new: extra check for ul result on login2 with
"-password" enabled
- fix: minor display bug in fxpstats
- new: ability to configure irc trigger access rights per user/channel e.g. you can say to have ver allowed on all channels but nothign else or ver only for pree users in channel
- new: improved rlstypes.dat
- new: improved rule templates
- fix: bug in tag-search when using something like "CDS -GROUP" in NoSkip to take all from GROUP but skip CDS
- fix: announce of mode change in irc gui
- new: improved fxp engine again (xdupe, crypt logic is performed on both sides at the same time
- fix: minor bug in auto undupe
- new: right click on rls list - fill list
- new: improved rlstypes.dat
- new: a disconnect in queue will no longer check offline sites
- fix: minor bug in ftp browser
- new: position of ftp browser is saved
- new: much faster fxp engine
- fix: "delrls dump/pre rls/file" did not only delete the file
- new: CWD improved on crapy sites
- fix: jpg in sample dirs have been removed (since not seen as valid sample files
- fix: possible auto-refresh bug on fxp
- fix: possible bug with double pre
- fix: bug with "announce most triggers to query
- fix: dupe sometimes posted results into nirvana
- fix: minor bug in new section scanner
- fix: one possible bug with fxppre (untested)

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