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Windows 7 cooL Ultimate x86 and x64 | 3.58 Gb

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Leaving the user at ease and that everything has been done in the version of the user to be faithful to the freedom of choice.

Ie you can change the screen hello picture you want and you can activate the transparency of the windows or leave it.

Legacy as it is and you freedom of choice

100% original and is not the exclusion of any component of the version to be stable, and the force needed is only the exclusion music files My Music

Were merged and modified files Rjstr to increase the speed of windows and you will notice that during your use of the copy you'll find it faster than you can imagine

Version having full transparency of all the pages and windows which was the place and that transparency was left to the user is free to activate it or leave it

Merge Wallpapers Backgrounds summit in beauty and the 110 background

The integration of many programs and also left to the user is free to leave Ootnasibha of file autoplay of the cylinder and a lot of features and aesthetics you'll see inside Release

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Download Here :

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N o t e:
If you find the download file is corrupted, 
use Rar Recovery Toolbox to repair it, and simultaneously to extract.
and if there are dead links Click Here to report.
Thanks for your visit.
Im Not Uploader, Im link finder So Please check the link before download. Spesial Thanks To UPLOADER
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