Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

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Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure | 440 Mb

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Marc Eckō's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is a video game released on February 14, 2006. It was developed by The Collective, Inc. and published by Atari under license by Marc Ecko. There were two editions of the game, one being a limited edition and the other being the normal release.

The game focuses on an amateur graffiti artist known as Trane who uses graffiti and tagging as a way to protest against the corrupt Dystopic city of New Radius, in a future world where freedom of expression is suppressed by a tyrannical, Orwellian city government. The "Contents Under Pressure" title obviously refers to the warning found on most aerosol spray paint cans.

The gameplay is set up like a non-linear fighting game; the story progresses in a linear fashion, without the player needing to complete side missions, as in Grand Theft Auto 3, but a certain amount of freedom and open-endedness is available to the player as they complete "Tag Wars" in the first part of the game.

The musical score for the game was produced by underground hip hop artist RJD2.

System Requirement
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB free
Video: 64MB Hardware T&L compatible video card*
Sound: DirectX® version 9.0c-compatible sound card
DirectX®: DirectX® version 9.0c (included) or higher

* Hardware T&L video cards that do not support shaders, such as the GeForce 4 MX or Intel Extreme Graphics family, are not supported.

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