Drive Meter v1.04 (Gadget)

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Drive Meter v1.04 [Gadget] | 2.29 Mb

Very simply drive gadget that will allow you to monitor all your system drives, The Drive Meter shows you the basics you need in a small space.

Monitors Hard drives, optical drives, External drives, Usb sticks etc...
Monitor drive Activity (like the hd light on your computer) for each drive.
Monitor drive transfer speeds (write/read).
Lite customisation (values, colors, skins...).
Flyout tools (click on the activity light button to acces flyout!)
Open drive feature (click on the first value to open the drive location)

Windows Vista SP1 or Above (Windows 7)

Download Here :

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Im Not Uploader, Im link finder So Please check the link before download. Spesial Thanks To UPLOADER
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