Windows 7 Game Edition ROG

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Windows 7 Game Edition ROG | 1.8 Gb

Author: Neuropass
Code name:ROG
Language: English US
Architecture: 32-Bit
Version based: Windows 7 Professional and Professional N (two edition integrated)

Visual Customization:
Special ROG theme
System icons
System sounds
Media center full customization
Media player (background changer)
System Fonts (Only ROG THEME)

Default setting and registry setting:
Removed the imposed default 100 Mb Partition upon installation.
(Now you can install windows with no hidded partition)
Window panes optimized for 1920x1200 display
new "right click " options on files and desktop (icons added)
No IE8 on taskbar
Shell extension (Show hidden files, show files extension)
Windows switcher
DEP off
UAC off
Automatic system restore point (on every boot) off
paging file 2048 Mb (you can even turn it off completely if you want to)
Power plan, High performance
Boot selector name Personalized (ROG and ROG N)
Change every single icon with a "right click"
Save and Restore icons layout ( Holding "Shift" buttons plus right click.)
Neuropass tweaks.

Download Here :

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Im Not Uploader, Im link finder So Please check the link before download. Spesial Thanks To UPLOADER
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