Windows XP SP3 Dark Edition V.7 Rebirth Version - Mediafire

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Windows XP SP3 Dark Edition V.7 Rebirth Version - Mediafire
Windows XP SP3 Dark Edition V.7 Rebirth Version | 659 Mb

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- Multi Boot
- Font
- IE6
- WMP11
- Full Unattended

Update :
- RVMUpdatePackSP3 1.0.3
- RyanVM’s AddOn Version 1.9.0
- KelsCPLBonus addon Version 9.2.6
- DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime AddOn 0.6.0 redxii
- OnePiece Windows Media Player 11 True AddOn v1.4.1
- Ricks VistaRTMFonts AddOn v1.1
- WGA Validation AddOn redxii
- Vista RTM Boot Screen Dark Bar By catalogk
- Oeminfo
- Ricktendo64 RefreshClock
- NR CursorsAIO
- Vista DRIVE Indicator DarkLite Mod

What’s Included Latest Version: 1.0.3 :

Windows XP Hotfixes
  • KB281981 - Disconnected sessions retain the original variable
  • KB887606 - Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) uses cached credentials incorrectly
  • KB898461 - Permanent copy of the Package Installer for Windows version
  • KB909520 - Software update for Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider
  • KB917275 - Windows Rights Management Services for Windows XP
  • KB922120 - Network Map in Windows Vista does not display computers that are running Windows XP
  • KB931125 - Microsoft Root Certificates Update (November 2008)
  • KB932578 - Event ID 55 may be logged in the System log when creating many files on an NTFS partition
  • KB932716 - Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) update
  • KB938759 - Cannot distribute or install a software package if the software package contains a very large signed file.
  • KB940648 - “You might not have permission to use this network resource” error when trying to open My

Documents folder after resuming from hibernation
KB942213 - The MMC.exe program randomly becomes unresponsive when the user clicks OK or Cancel several times

To close a Windows form
  • KB942288 - Windows Installer 4.5
  • KB943232 - An application that uses Sxs.dll crashes when running the application
  • KB943729 - New Group Policy preferences in Windows Server 2008
  • KB944043 - Windows Server 2008 read-only domain controller compatibility pack
  • KB946648 - Security update for Windows Messenger 4.7
  • KB947460 - “: is not accessible” error when trying to open a mapped DFS folder after coming out
  • of standby
  • KB948046 - A Word document is not printed as expected after installing the Windows European Union Expansion

Font pack
  • KB948101 - USB keyboard does not work after restarting a computer that has an NVIDIA 680i motherboard
  • KB948720 - Cannot install device drivers in a Windows Server 2008 cluster environment if the drivers contain

LZ-compressed files
  • KB949033 - Severe video degradation and a Stop error when connecting a USB Webcam to the computer
  • KB949127 - Cannot establish a wireless connection using EAP authentication if the Service Set Identifier

(SSID) includes a comma
  • KB949764 - A USB device no longer works after resuming computer from hibernation (S4)
  • KB949900 - The RunOnce.exe process may stop responding during the driver installation process
  • KB950234 - ” is not accessible. Access is denied” error when trying to open a shared file in Windows Explorer
  • KB950312 - “The application failed to initialize properly (0xC0000142)” error when trying to start a console

Based application
  • KB950616 - An audio application that uses the Portcls.sys file may stop responding
  • KB950762 - Vulnerabilities in Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) could allow denial of service
  • KB950974 - Vulnerability in Event System could allow remote code execution
  • KB951066 - Security update for Outlook Express
  • KB951126 - Multiprocessor computer stops responding on a black screen after resuming from hibernation
  • KB951163 - When trying to connect to the local computer using the MSTSC command, a black screen may appearfor several minutes
  • KB951376 - Vulnerability in Bluetooth stack could allow remote code execution
  • KB951531 - The W32Time service does not synchronize the CMOS clock time to the Internet time after the W32Time service stops
  • KB951618 - A black screen occurs when upgrading the operating system on a computer that has Onekey Recovery 5.0 installed
  • KB951624 - A 30-second delay occurs during the initialization of some network-based applications
  • KB951698 - Vulnerabilities in DirectX could allow remote code execution
  • KB951709 - Event ID 26 when attaching two IDE ATA/ATAPI devices as master and subordinate IDE devices
  • KB951978 - Script output is not displayed as expected when running VBScript or JScript scripts
  • KB952069 - Security update for Windows Media Format Runtime and Media Foundation
  • KB952206 - Printer-driver upgrade fails on printer clients when multiple printer queues are upgraded at the same time
  • KB952954 - Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Image Color Management could allow remote code execution
  • KB953024 - Rich Text Format (.rtf) files may not print correctly when using an application that uses the Rich Edit control
  • KB953028 - An application experiences an access violation and then crashes if the computer has more than four cores or more than four logical processors
  • KB953155 - Vulnerability in Windows Internet Printing service could allow remote code execution
  • KB953609 - “At least one of your changes was not applied successfully to the wireless configuration” error when adding a wireless network
  • KB953761 - Some DHCP Options are not recognized when the DHCP server offer includes option 43
  • KB954193 - Jet 4.0 Database Engine cumulative hotfix package: July 2, 2008
  • KB954232 - On-Screen Keyboard behavior does not mimic the physical keyboard behavior in certain scenarios
  • KB954600 - Security update for Windows Media Player 6.4
  • KB954708 - Update to add support for the serialization of complex Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) data types in the Windows Imaging Component
  • KB954879 - The LSASS.exe process crashes and the computer restarts when trying to start the Network Access Protection Agent service
  • KB954920 - Various error messages when an application requests a result set from new SQL Server 2008 collations
  • KB955043 - A memory leak may occur when running an application that uses the DHTML Edit control
  • KB955069 - Security update for XML Core Services 3.0
  • KB955109 - 0xC0000005 (Access Violation) error when running an application that uses the Application Desktop Toolbar (AppBar) component
  • KB955356 - When trying to start a computer that is connected to an IEEE1394 hard disk, it stops responding before the logon screen appears
  • KB955417 - Protected storage (PStore) uses a lower-quality cryptographic function when the system locale is set to French (France)
  • KB955567 - Data corruption may occur when trying to append data to a FILESTREAM varbinary (max) column in SQL Server 2008
  • KB955576 - TAPI-based applications stop responding, and you cannot disconnect telephone calls on a Windows XP-based telephony server
  • KB955832 - SSL connection may fail when using Internet Explorer to make an SSL connection to an HTTPS Web site that is certified by a DSS certificate
  • KB955839 - Cumulative time zone update (December, 2008)
  • KB955843 - An ADO-based application may stop responding when it uses the adAsyncExecute option to open a Recordset object
  • KB955988 - The Win32_Environment WMI class doesn’t return the value of the PATH environment variable if it contains more than 1,024 characters
  • KB956072 - Terminal server does not allow RDP connections whose encryption level is set to Low
  • KB956391 - Cumulative security update for ActiveX (October, 2008)
  • KB956625 - Computer becomes unstable or crashes after running Internet Explorer 7 for a long time
  • KB956802 - Vulnerabilities in GDI could allow remote code execution
  • KB956807 - The Unicode hyphen character (U+2010) is not drawn when using an application that uses GDI+ API functions
  • KB956841 - Vulnerability in Virtual Address Descriptor manipulation could allow elevation of privilege
  • KB957263 - Changes to the custom properties of a program that supports custom properties may not be saved
  • KB958106 - Some components of an application not displayed correctly in a Terminal Services session
  • KB958149 - Performance decreases when streaming isochronous data on a computer that has a TI IEEE1394 host controller
  • KB958215 - Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer (December, 2008)
  • KB958244 - System may stop responding when restarting a multicore computer
  • KB958282 - 0×00000050 stop error when an application calls the NtGdiRectInRegion function
  • KB958347 - Device that is connected through a 1394 FireWire hub is still present in system after hot unplugging it
  • KB958644 - Vulnerability in Server service could allow remote code execution
  • KB958655 - “API call rejected - No actions in Context” error when installing multiple MSI packages
  • KB958687 - Vulnerabilities in SMB could allow remote code execution
  • KB958752 - Application compatibility issue with the version of AFD.sys that is released with MS08-037 and MS08-066 security updates
  • KB958817 - Automatic Update window may stop responding when using a WSUS server to deploy updates
  • KB959237 - Internet Explorer crashes when browsing a page that fetches and filters a recordset asynchronously from an instance of SQL Server
  • KB959267 - After repeatedly docking and undocking a portable computer, unable to change state of attached network device
  • KB959334 - Text that has the font set to Arial Black and the font style set to bold may change so that the font style is set to italic opening the document
  • KB959439 - After uploading encrypted files to a WebDAV share, the files remain encrypted
  • KB959465 - Write protection does not always work on SD memory cards
  • KB960071 - An access violation occurs when using an application that calls the SQLExecDirect function of the SQL Server ODBC driver to run a long query
  • KB960380 - A hyperlink control that is used to open a file or an e-mail message fails in an application that uses MSXML 6.0
  • KB960417 - When running an application that uses the System TimeTo Specific Local Time function, performance is very poor
  • KB960680 - Update the Slovak koruna currency symbol (Sk) to the Euro (€) the Turkish currency symbol from Yeni T?rk Lirasi (YTL) to T?rk Lirasi (TL)
  • KB960714 - Security update for Internet Explorer

Other Updates
  • Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control
  • Code65536 FontReg 2.1.1
  • Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update 1.2
  • Microsoft Qfecheck
  • Microsoft Update 7.2.6001.788
  • MSXML 4.0 SP2 (Includes KB954430 Hotfix)

Miscellaneous Tweaks
  • KB873374 - Microsoft GDI+ Detection Tool Registry Entry
  • KB890830 - Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool 2.6
  • Windows XP SP3 WBEM Fix

WGA Validation AddOn - v1.9.9.1 for 32-bit XP
Contains WGA Validation Tool, version of LegitCheckControl.dll Validation tool only, no

Drivers Intergated
- Intel ICH7R/M ICH8R/M ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D S-ATA AHCI and RAID Controllers
- nForce2/3/4 SataRAID and PataRAID systems All In One Driver
- DriverPack Chipset
- DriverPack CPU
- DriverPack Graphics
- DriverPack LAN
- DriverPack MassStorage
- DriverPack Sound
- DriverPack WLAN

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